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About Midwest Industrial and Goth

Midwest industrial and Goth culture has been much misunderstood and maligned. Industrial or Goth lifestyle and culture has actually been pushed very far. It has been relegated to fringes and this is the main reason why a lot of people are not aware of its existence. To be put in simple terms, Goth is an individual who finds wonderful beauty in the things considered dark by others. Goths love things that are mysterious and dark. This does not mean that Goths are evilish, unkind and violent by nature. It actually means that they have a completely different perspective to things. Goths are in no ways lacking in humor. They love laughing but they have a kind of black comedy humor.

Understanding the Goths

Dark things make the Goths happy and they are not sad about loving dark things. They get inspired by dark things. They are artistic realists, intelligent and romantic. Most people are of the view that Goths can be identified by the way they dress up. However, this is not the reality. Being Gothic is in no ways related to how an individual dresses up. A common belief is that Goths generally wear black but this is a completely false statement. They do not wear black always and they also do not engage in worshipping Satan. They should not be taken as the members of the same cult. You can find Goths throughout the world as they come from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Goth culture is widely found in the Midwest that is Germany and Japan.

How Similar are Goths to other Groups?

Very similar to other groups, Goths have one thing in common and that is they love the beauty of dark things. Just like all other groups where the likes and the dislikes of the members differ from one another, the same exists in Gothic culture as well. Goths are attracted towards dark things. They might find dead trees exceptionally beautiful and might have crushes on the bad guys in films. The bad guys seem powerful and mightier to the Goths than the good guys in movies. They are also fond of dark music. In other words, it can be said that being Goth is not about becoming one and it is actually about what an individual is. Goth should not be taken as a phase. When explaining Goth, it is important to describe music, fashion, films and many other things that the Goths might like or dislike. Getting the right resource on the Gothic culture is not a very difficult thing to do these days. This is because of the presence of Goth movies and Goth bands and even great many Goth things. It is to be kept in mind that Goths are individual and their likes and dislikes might always vary.

The Characteristics of Goths

Goths are fond of mythology. They are in complete love with the supernatural, the mysterious, romanticism, culture and tradition. They hold on to the things that they feel are important for the society.